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The extra mile for you

If you’re looking for car repairs in Killamarsh or the surrounding area, you want someone you can trust. You don’t want to pick a mechanic from Google and hope for the best.

So why choose us?

  1. We know waiting for a car repair is a pain. That’s why we offer a full mobile service – both collection and pick up. In short that means that we can both collect and deliver your car from home or work – so there’s no fuss, no hassle – and you’re back on the road sooner rather than later.

  2. Typically we can turnaround small faults or issues in 2 days – and we always keep you updated, either by call or by text, so your car repair fits in with your working day and doesn’t derail it.

  3. We always ensure we have full authorisation for any work we carry out.

  4. We don’t charge dealership prices, but we have the knowhow from years of working in dealerships – so you still get the same service, tools and expertise, with none of the costs.

  5. We’re flexible. Need to pick up your car a day later? Have to call us past 6pm? We’re not set to a schedule. Call us or email and we’ll get back in touch.

  6. We’re not just repairs. As well as offering repair work, we can also handle all the other parts. Getting you a set of new tyres. Helping you fix a scratch or a scrape. Collecting your car at the roadside. Get to know us and we guarantee you will be so pleased with the service, you will keep coming back, car after car!

If you have car problems and you want to speak to an expert – don’t wait.

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